Overseas Principal

Manuex Company Nigeria Limited represents the under-listed companies  in Nigeria.:

  1. GE Oil & Gas (formerly Dresser).: Manufacturer of Masonelian Control Valves, Consolidated Safety Valves and Rupture/ Bursting Disc-(ZooK)
  2. RUEGER S. A.: Manufacturer of Thermometer, sensors and Gauges.
  3. CHICAGO PNEUMATIC: Manufacturer of power tools
  4. MEITAV-TEC LTD. ISRAEL: Manufacturer of Intelligent HVAC temperature
  5. HUGHES EMERGENCY SAFETY SHOWERS LTD. UK: РManufacturers  and Suppliers of Eyebath/Safety Showers and PPE.
  6. TINTOMETER GMBH (LOVIBOND BRAND): Manufacturer of Water testing reagent and equipment.
  7. LABOREX LIMITED, UK: – Manufacturers of Oil Testing Equipment, Laboratory Instruments, Glassware and Chemicals for use in the Oil Industry, Hospitals, Education and Industrial Laboratories.
  8. E. J. PAYNE LTD UK:  Manufacturer of water treatment chemicals and reagents.
  9. SHANDONG ZHAOYUAN HUIYUAN INDUSTRY GENERAL COMPANY: Manufacturer of Silical Gel and Cardboard Barrel.
  10. JORC NERTHERLAND: Manufacturer of condensate Material.