Cashes Policy

MANUEX COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED is involved in Project Management and Engineering Services; Industrial Spare Parts, Laboratory equipment  and Chemicals.  In the execution of such phase of work, our objective is to operate in safe and economic manner.  It is our policy to carry out our operations in such a way that health and safety of our employees and others who may be affected are safeguarded.  Safety awareness is of utmost importance to every staff in our Company.
Accident preventions by observing safety rules and by creating a safe work environment and applying safe work method is expected of all employees.  It is essential that every staff have a clear understanding of the right and safe way to his job.  By doing so, we can save others and ourselves from accidents.

MANUEX COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED Management shall on a continuous basis, exercise the responsibility for the removal or otherwise rendering harmless operation hazards through training and motivation.  We will comply with the client work rules and statutory regulations.
We would re-emphasize that each employee, at every level, is responsible for adopting a positive attitude towards safety.  As a company, MANUEX COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED accepts both its legal and moral obligations towards its workforce and will continue to maintain, to the best of its ability, a safe health-working environment for all its employees.
Our commitment is to ensure that we maintain safe systems of work, provide training where required and competent supervision.  It is incumbent on line management and supervisors to ensure that all personnel are aware of, and adhere to, our safety rules and regulations.
Conversely, we expect that every employee will report unsafe acts or unsafe situations to their supervisor.